How to Reach the Top of SERPs with Quality Backlinks?

Did you know that high-quality backlinks can drive traffic to your site and build your SEO strategy? Ranking top in search engines boosts your chances of gaining consumer trust, high traffic, brand awareness and the purchase of your products and services.

Here, we discuss ways of reaching the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) with quality backlinks to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Backlink Analytics

Competition research is a fundamental step to every successful SEO campaign. Take advantage of backlink analytics to factually determine what to aim for, what works and what doesn’t.

Monitor what is working for other businesses in your niche that rank higher than you. Analytics tools should help you reverse engineer their strategies to make them work for your campaign.

Note that successful efforts boil down to picking the right competitor, figuring out what you are looking for in terms of backlinks and keyword ranking, leveraging the right tool to extract data and applying the insights strategically to your site.

Backlink Gap

If your competitors rank highly for your target keywords, check if they have a solid backlink profile. Note that links are the most fundamental parts of the puzzle, meaning that you will have a hard time ranking without them.

You could benchmark backlink profiles of about five competing domains and research on the websites that have placed backlinks to them. Once you have identified the guest posts, write for them too to build high-quality links.

Also, look for sites that link to more than one of your competitors and work towards getting a link from them too. Check out Google notes from SEMrush to find out what impacted the backlinks on a certain day.

Backlink Audit

Conducting a backlink audit allows you to ensure that your site has no spammy backlinks, which could interfere with your SEO or have you penalised by Google. Understand that merging data from different sources will require special coding skills and spreadsheets.

Rather than using APIs, it would be more convenient to leverage online tools with UI. How does your backlink profile compare to your competition?

Also, find out how your backlink acquisition rates overtime against your competition. Note that attracting good backlinks takes time, so look for wasted backlinks to your site. Are there toxic ones that could attract a Google penalty?

If there are, send a removal request to the site owners and export them to a file that can be sent to Google’s Disavow tool.

Taking the time and the right strategies to up your SEO strategies will help you reach the top of your SERPs. At this point, it can be tempting to relax and enjoy success.

Note, however, that these results are not static because SEO evolves constantly. Keep updating your site, building your brand, socialising and building links.


Reach the Top of SERPs with Quality Backlinks


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