Proven Link Building strategy to grow in 4 simple steps:

With these 4 steps I have ranked on the first page and doubled the organic traffic of an international company:

1) Search for Websites with Organic Traffic 

Many different metrics determine a website’s SEO quality, but the most important is Organic Traffic. This is the metric that tells you how highly Google rates a particular website. Any website that gets a lot of organic traffic and links to yours will help you a lot.

A website that receives the right amount of organic traffic will continue to do so because Google has determined that it is valuable. A backlink from one of these websites will be a strong signal for Google that your product/service worth showing in search results. 

2) Find the highest-ranking websites that utilise keywords from your industry.  

This step is particularly simple to understand, if you work for a VPN company, then another VPN website well-ranked that provides a link to one of your web pages via a long-tail keyword will help increase your chances to improve the rankings 

3) Point your links to resources pages. 

 This step involves thinking of ways in which you can create useful backlinks to your website. If these backlinks point to resource pages, this is taken to be a positive sign that your website is providing useful content. In turn, it leads to a higher SEO rankings. 

4) Internal links 

It is now common knowledge that achieving a high rank with a commercial or product page is more difficult than doing the same with more general industry-related content. It means that the best way to have your products and services rank highly is to have a highly-rated content/resources page that links internally to your product or service page. 

The product or service you are linking to can gain a boost from the success of your other content. 

The more internal links you have from useful content/resources pages, the better chances your products have of featuring highly as well. 

In summary: 

Focus on getting links from websites with high organic traffic, point the link to useful resources pages from your site and then do internal links to your sales pages.  

Google looks for quality and you must provide quality to be successful. 

Gabriel Tedde Cabot

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As a London-based Technical SEO Strategist, I've worked with top firms like,, Tripadvisor, Yopa, and various digital marketing and cloud computing companies. My extensive experience in SEO, including outreach, helps me create impactful strategies informed by the latest industry trends, ensuring innovative solutions for diverse industry needs.