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What’s the Recipe for Quality SEO Link Building Services?

Not all links are created equal. High-impact yet natural links are designed by a long-term ranking strategy that places great content, strategic distribution, and targeted promotion at the top of the priority list. When combined, these tactics don’t merely build links. Instead, they earn them by engaging those who visit your site and provide real value. By earning natural links, your business can experience powerful results designed to improve your ranking in the wonderful world of search engines.

Audit and Research

Each of the Link Building Services projects at SearchTD begins with strategic consultation and audit. At this point, we dive deeply into the workings of your business to get a feel for how it works. We evaluate your customers, your competitors, the current state of your business and your future goals to gain a complete picture of how your company operates.

The information we collect with this process is then paired with market research to identify the best forward direction to take. Our team will place a high focus on how to generate value-adding content in order to provide useful information to your target audience. Smart marketing is about help, not hype. Effective link development is about creating high-quality content that helps potential customers to achieve their goals. In return, they will help you by voting for your brand on social media and linking to your domain.

Developing useful content requires that you have a working knowledge of your target audience and an understanding of the problems they are seeking to solve. Cutting-edge market research techniques, SEO tools, and customs audits allows SearchTD to determine what type of content and trending topics your audience is looking to learn about. We identify gaps in your narrative throughout the sales cycle and examine opportunities to motivate your readers to link to, share, and like your content. Along with our own market research, we will take a detailed look at your competitors to learn what makes them successful and to take advantage of new opportunities. By analyzing how your competitors attract links and areas where they can improve, the SearchTD strategists can make calculated decisions and fine-tune your campaign for maximum success.

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

Industry expertise in verticals including SaaS, professional services, technology, finance, retail and e-commerce Strategies with a focus on collaboration and quality to increase rankings long-term Transparency and weekly updates on any progress from a dedicated account manager and marketing team A team based in the United Kingdom with 15 years of experience building quality links for mid-size, high-growth and enterprise companies. Our clients have been very impressed with our level of service. Edward W., the owner of Writers Inc. said: “Searchtd is lighting the SEO industry with innovation and distinction…Count me in as a fan member.” Steven G. from Budai said similar words: “Searchtd’s team really have this SEO game figured out! They have delivered incredible results for our company”.

Natural Link Building

Earning natural links can also help you to achieve your most important goal: boosting search results short- and long-term. Link authority and brand signals are considered the most important factors when it comes to search engine rankings. Each year, SEOs come together to decide which factors have the largest impact on search results. Time and time again, effective links remain at the top.

The #1 goal of Google is to increase the relevance and usefulness of search results. Over the course of the years, Google has tested changing the link-based ranking algorithm numerous times from Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird. They have reduced the importance given to backlinks and implemented strategies to reduce link spam. While the latter strategy proved to be successful for increasing search result relevance, the algorithm changes have had the opposite effect. Google finally concluded that links remain the best indicator of the value of a website. Based on these findings, we expect that search engines will continue to place a heavy emphasis on natural, high-quality links for years to come.

Engaging content about your brand is responsible for improving links and ratings along with boosting brand awareness. The first spiral in the sales funnel is awareness of the brand/product you are trying to sell. Without awareness of the brand, rest assured that you will see neither interest nor action. Creating content that actually answers questions and provides real value to your potential consumers helps to place your name and domain front and center before those people who may not even know that your brand exists.

Once they see that you provide quality content and are associated with other trusted brands, they will be more inclined to learn about your business and become regular customers.

Links and brand mentions

Tell search engines and readers that your brand is worthy of further investigation and high rankings. In order to be seen as “popular,” your brand needs to be associated with other popular brands. Your brand also needs to avoid sites that have the potential to negatively impact your reputation. Understanding the types of sites that link to your content and the content of your competitors will enable us to create a plan for growing your relationships and earning links to contribute to your credibility.

Although once true, the saying “If you build it, they will come” is no longer valid. Modern businesses with an online presence must have a smart marketing strategy with well-planned tactics that can pull in potential customers like a fish on a hook. Successful businesses never wait for a potential customer to make the first move.

Optimized content

Is the first step, but without promotion and strong external authority signals, your content will rank well below what it could. Digital Current’s linking building strategies help ensure that your content receives the authority it needs to rank highly among search engine results and get the clicks it needs to impact your bottom line.

Strategic Content Development

After collecting market data and consumer information, Searchtd will create a content marketing roadmap for your campaign that will drive content creation and distribution. This plan will help ensure that all of your assets attract backlinks, provide enduring value for your target audience and encourage shares in the long term. As we continue to develop content, our team will ensure that each piece embodies the following qualities: Data-rich: Data-rich content provides practical information that can be cited or sourced. This type of content represents thought leadership and increases the perceived authority of your brand within your specific industry.

Data-rich content includes guides, how-to resources, curated lists, infographics, educational articles, and polls/surveys. Emotionally Attractive: Content with an emotional appeal or attraction will capture readers’ imaginations and make them feel like they must share it. Emotionally appealing content includes industry expert polls and awards that play on the ego, entertainment-focused articles, humorous e-cards and satirical memes, event marketing, scholarships and charity/cause promotions.

Problem Solving

Content-oriented towards solving a problem for your readers will compel them to link to the content or share it with others. This type of information is generally utilitarian in nature and tends to be “evergreen.” It also has a heavy focus on industry audience and customer segments. Examples include widgets and tools.

Content Promotion and Distribution

Suppose a tree fell in the dead center of a forest with a hundred-mile radius. Would anyone hear it? Of course not, unless you happen to be in the middle of the forest as well. Likewise, the best content in the world will not do you an inch of good if no one knows it exists. Businesses need to spread the word and make it easy for people to consume, share and link.

Searchtd uses a special content amplification process that targets the online locations where people in industries relevant to yours are most likely to congregate. By finding “hot spots” to share your content, we add real value for readers to learn from, thereby bolstering your reputation as a trusted brand and earning natural links that attract qualified visitors to your site.

Launching your content

This is just the first step. One of the key components to the success of Searchtd is our heavy focus on maintenance. We spend an equal amount of time on maintenance as we do on link building. Constant monitoring, proactive clean-up and link reclamation are just some of the many things we do behind the scenes to help keep the links you’ve earned fresh and viable.

Our vigilance can help ensure that your domain earns even higher rankings over time. The internet is rife with content scrapers and unscrupulous competitors who are actively looking for ways to cheat the system. Without proactive monitoring and clean-up, the ranking of your site can be seriously affected. As a pioneer in guest posting and content syndication, Searchtd has developed a process designed to create and place content on highly relevant sites.

These services start by careful research into your industry and target audience. Our outreach experts will then develop strategic partnerships with relevant high-authority and publishing sites. At the same time, our expert in-house researchers and writers will craft relevant content with links leading back to your website Searchtd places a heavy focus on building relationships with contributors and editors at popular online publications in a similar fashion to that of PR firm.

We work to secure a place for you on the calendars and include your content in articles or videos posted on their high-traffic websites. We are sometimes able to submit a quote on your behalf. In other cases, we work with a journalist to develop a full-feature article. In both instances, your website will receive a mention and a link and will result in a very powerful web presence. No matter the location of your company, your main goal is to get your business listed in the top business directories. One of the easiest and most effective ways of increasing trust and authority to gain better search engine rankings is to create listings and local citations.

Local SEO

With hundreds of local online directories and listings, getting your business to stand out can be quite a challenge. With the right listing on the best directories, you can build a better online presence for your business and attract new customers. Linkable assets are any content placed on your website that will organically attract links, traffic and shares.

SearchTD optimizes your existing assets and produces new asset content that can be easily promoted through reciprocity, digital PR and paid promotion, social seeding and syndication. Before readers can share your content or link back to it, they need to be made aware that it exists.

Social Media & Influencers

Our social seeding and influencer outreach processes will help ensure secure placements on highly visible platforms including blogs, portals and email/messaging services. Custom link acquisition is an enterprise-level backlink building service with a focus on acquiring important links from current content. Digital Current seeks for the top pages and information hubs in your industry to develop a custom outreach program for communicating with webmasters.

We Audit the Websites

We analyze your site and the sites of competitors to help identify the best target sites for your audience. The Brand Advocacy Program used by Digital Current is designed to build relationships with industry influencers, expert authors and professional journalists to provide content for your site.

Your business can then quickly establish credibility and acquire links while capitalizing on an influencer’s existing popularity. The media relations team at Digital Current knows exactly what our contacts need and want. We will provide the content they are so desperately seeking along with the tools that help them do their jobs. Relevant media placements with authoritative and credible links can make all the difference in the world for our clients.

What’s the Recipe for Quality SEO Link Building Services?

In the course of our company’s lifetime, we have learned that three things matter when it comes to effective link building: a sound strategy, great content and targeted outreach. Links are a critical part of search engine ranking algorithms.

Link Reclamation, Cleanup and Monitoring

Digital marketing is constantly in a state of flux. Websites, consumers, search engines and brands are all subject to change at some point in their history. Staying up to date can be exhausting and time-consuming, but the results are worth it. If you let changes slip by the wayside and go unnoticed, you can jeopardize your rankings and diminish long-term success. Link reclamation and monitoring can help keep your company afloat by providing you with SEO link building tactics that work.

EDU and Scholarship Link Building Service

EDU and Scholarship Link Building Service

Offering scholarships is an effective way to earn credibility and links from sites with high domain authority. Our full-service scholarship link building service allows us to help you develop, maintain, promote and administer scholarship programs for you. We will work closely with you to design a scholarship appropriate for your industry and your audience.

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EDU and Scholarship Link Building Service

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

Industry expertise in verticals including SaaS, professional services, technology, finance, retail and e-commerce Strategies with a focus on collaboration and quality to increase rankings long-term Transparency and weekly updates on any progress from a dedicated account manager and marketing team based in Europe with 12 years of experience building quality links for mid-size, high-growth and enterprise companies. Our clients have been very impressed with our level of service.

  • "Gabriel has a great mix of social and digital marketing skills. He's an excellent communicator, always helpful and he has a very good understanding of both organic search and link building strategies. It was a really rewarding experience to work with Gabriel and I would recommend him to anyone."



  • "Gabriel is a wonderful person, very easy going. He is very responsible, loves to help others, he is patient and respectful. Gabriel knows how to deal with people and make them feel good and comfortable."