Digital PR: Why You Need It

Traditionally, print-based publications, TV, and radio were the focus of PR-related activities. However, things have changed; online media is overtaking print-media and even TV. As online marketing grows, digital PR has become the go-to solution for many businesses irrespective of the size.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that aims at improving the visibility of a business on the internet by earning high-quality backlinks and mentions on online publications and other websites. Genuine and positive customer reviews is another scheme in the digital PR box.

Digital PR aims at more than sporadic mentions of a brand online. Due to their high authenticity, the backlinks that you get through digital PR are pivotal in the ranking of your pages on search engine results pages, SERPs. It might take only a few of these to move your business to the top of the list.

Our Digital PR Services

If you or your clients need a spot on the first page of search engine ranking, then Digital PR is the strategy you need. Our three-point approach makes it suitable for PR needs.

Utilising PR Opportunities

A key advantage we have over other digital PR providers is the number of PR opportunities we offer to our clients. We have the necessary tools and contacts for finding suitable PR prospects in any industry. Besides, every week we receive hundreds of requests from media outlets and reporters looking for authoritative sources to add authenticity to their stories.

Developing Brands as Thought Leaders

Being a thought leader has several benefits, with the main one being that most reporters will likely quote you to support their ideas and stories. It can also grow into consulting jobs, speaking opportunities, and even book deals. Clients will also consider you an expert in the industry, which will improve trustworthiness and consequently, sales.

Creative Campaigns With High ROI

This involves getting links to your website from the most hard-to-penetrate sites without spamming or scamming. From SEO link building to endorsement deals, we excel at it. Our clients are always amazed by the results, but to us, it a normal workday.

An effective digital PR campaign ensures you have consistent interactions with journalists. We can achieve this too, thanks to our access to the editorial calendars of major media outlets and journalists. As a result, we can plan your content to maintain flow and consistency.

Why You Need Digital PR?

If you have not considered digital PR, then here are some of the benefits you might be missing:

Developing a brand persona through the creation of compelling content on topics within your industry. This helps you to become a trusted source of information and expertise.

Gaining links to your site from authoritative sites such as national newspapers, major publications, and online news websites.

Securing a spot on the first pages of search engine results pages.

Improving your social media presence.